"Early in May, my wife and I set up a train trip to the Candian Rockies. This was to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. I injured my back (ruptured 3 lumbar disks) May 27th and we were unsure I could be ready to go. The trip was scheduled Aug 20-30th. With the aggressive chiropractic program using the DRX machine, we went on the trip and even did some whitewater rafting without any pain.

I would recommend Dekalb Chiropractic to people because of their professionalism and friendly staff. Thanks to them, I avoided surgery and I'm now on a maintenance program to maintain and improve flexibility."

-Phil Bard

"I would recommend the DRX 9000 treatments to any one who's having back problems. The pain I had in my back put me down on my hands an knees. I had several pain shots that didn't help, plus two injections in the back. I was told I had a herniated disc with a tear. The next step was surgery when a friend of mine told me about the DRX 9000 treatments. Then a person I go to church with mentioned it to me. So I set up an appointment to talk with Dr. Nagel. The rest is history. I do not have to have any pain and I avoided having surgery."

- Herb Hoover


"During the fall of 2005 I started having very sharp pains in my lower right leg. Working out on a regular basis like I do I though it possibly was a pulled muscle or some such thing and just put some heat on it occasionally and basically ignored it for a few months. Then one night the pain was so intense and sharp my wifr took me to the Emergency Room at Dupont Hospital. There, by the doctor on duty, I was given a sedative and some pain medication. The doctor mentioned that it may be a case of Sciatica and that I should have it looked at by a back specialist at my earliest convenience. At this point the amount of pain was so intense that I was unable to walk, sit, or even lay down for any amount of time without extreme difficulty.

After going to my local doctor I was referred to a leading orthopedic specialist in the north east Indiana area. He told me I had a badly degenerated L2 disk and required immediate surgery. Being in the amount of pain that I was in both me and my wife readily agreed. The surgery went as well as to be expected, but the week of recovery was extremely painful, almost as bad as the previous pain I had before the surgery. After about a month I was back to just about full strength. Then out of the blue no more than 6 months after the date of the surgery I started to feel the same numbness and tingling in my leg that I felt when I first started having issues 7-8 months back.

This time, however, me and my wife went to see Dr. Nagel at Dekalb Chriopractic Center. After and MRI our fears were confirmed as the results showed that my L2 disk was just about to the point of becoming major degenerated once more. Again, this was no more than 6 months after my original back surgery. That point still surprises me, until I remember a point Dr. Nagel's office showed me that up to 65-70% of back surgeries fail, as mine did. This is when I started treatment with the DRX system. I started feeling results just after the first few visits. After 3 months of treatment with the DRX system, I was back to normal, with no pain, numbness, or stiffness. It has been over a year now and with continued monthly DRX maintenance treatments at Dr. Nagel's office I have stayed healthy and continue to live an active lifestyle with little or no effects of my original degenerated disk issue."

- John Humphrey, Auburn


"I was always active and had continued to be even after retirement. After moving I just thought I would eventually seek out chiropractic treatment. I had wanted to look for a chiropractor that had a Wellness Clinic. Well, a year and a half passed. I just kept getting worse. Chiropractic had worked for me before but I just kept putting it off and taking pain pills and such. I began some days to just be bedridden. I knew I must get to a Wellness doctor and chiropractic treatment.

When I looked in the phone book I saw that the Dekalb Chriopractic Center offered both wellness and the DRX 9000 treatment. I called and made an appointment it was the best decision for me. I could not believe how much better I got shortly after my first several treatments on the DRX 9000. I am getting my strength and health back. I am learning through the Wellness classes also how to better treat my body. I expect to have a much happier and healthy lifestyle in my retirement years thanks to Dr. Lee J. Nagel and his wellness and DRX 9000 clinic."

- Judi, Albion


"I think the DRX 9000 treatment is great. I had low back pain, a CT scan and MRI showed I had a disc bulging and two others slightly bulging. I decided to try the DRX 9000 treatment and was relieved of pain. The MRI was later repeated showing improvement of the disc bulge at that time. I think the DRX 9000 treatment should be tried first before doing surgery."

- A nurse in Dekalb County

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