Detox Testimonials

I've completed my first Brain Phase and I couldn't feel better. My Detox questionnaire number started at 60 and is now 14. My Meta Oxy test was the worst at a 7 and is now down to a 5. My eye and face ticks have completely disappeared and my restless leg is 95% improved. My knee and joint pain have improved. I've lost 13.5lbs so far...woohoo!! I'm back to being my happy self, back to wanting to do things, back to being mostly pain free. Yes, it costs money to replace amalgam fillings and to do the Detox program...but think about it...I'm either going to pay to get well and be happy again or pay to be sick and miserable for the rest of my life.

I choose Happiness and Wellness. This has truly changed my life!

Thank you to Dr. Nagel and his wife Erin.




I am a mother of an autistic boy. I rode all of the roller coasters a parent can ride. My son had the inability to communicate despite the tears and mumbling random incoherent words. He seemed by all rights to be trapped inside of himself, unable to explain how he felt and incapable of feeling what he should. We were introduced to videos through Dr. Nagel and his wife and to True Cellular Detox. My son's language became more clear and his sentences became longer and longer to the point of hardly a quiet moment. His body control became more firm and defined. We've seen our son go from mumbling incoherent words while crying for 4 or more hours, sometimes all day into the next, to now a boy who expresses himself almost daily on how he feels about growing up. He's able to be a young boy and has a place in the family that brings him and us as parent's joy. We will be forever grateful for the improved life our son has even at this early stage in his recovery. It takes time. It takes money. It takes hope and prayer. But how much time is ever wasted in healing? How much money is ever wasted on recovery and how much hope is gained from prayer? If you have a child stamped and sealed as autistic, please know that there is a cause. It is known or it couldn't be removed. It can be removed or we wouldn't have our son as he is today. May God bless you and your family and lead you in the direction of healing.

Anonymous Mother


I've suffered all my life with eczema and psoriasis. I went from a 5 on my Meta Oxy test to a ZERO. I am now able to wash dishes without an eczema flare up and my psoriasis is all but gone! The Detox Program has given me confidence with my skin!

So grateful,


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