Weight Loss Testimonials

"My experience so far with TWS and Health Coach Cassidy Koons has been wonderful! I feel so much better and have lost the weight I was hoping for so far and I know inches too. I've dropped 2 pant sizes and 1-2 top sizes in a little over 6 weeks!

Before TWS I tried all kinds of diets and exercised 5 days a week and just kept at a plateau. I lost weight the first week with TWS.

I was able to get off of one prescription medicine after 2 weeks that I've been on for many years. I just stopped another one yesterday and will have Lab tests done in a month to see if I can get off it. I'm hoping!

Before TWS I had trouble with sleep, depression, and anxiety and now I'm sleeping better and not depressed or anxious. I would recommend TWS to everyone. I just gave my niece the information and she's going to see if there is one near her by Elkhart/Goshen area.

Best of all my husband has noticed my weight loss and supports my eating habits. Many friends and relatives have noticed too.

It's a great program!"

-Pat Brandeberry

"I would recommend this program because IT WORKS! And also the Dr and my coach are very wonderful and supportive.I can't describe how pleased and happy I am with my results, thus far! And I'm so excited for the rest of my journey and to see even more results."

-Brenda T

"True Wt Loss Solutions is a course in healthy living and eating. Nothing previously has worked for me and I have struggled with loosing weight for years - since having 2 children. I will admit to being a stress eater and have now found other healthy ways to cope. I am so happy with how I feel and look."

-Linda M

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